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My name is Bob.  If you work in the transportation industry, like me, this report will give you tremendous insight into the pitfalls and hidden profit makers for the trucking companies and most of them at the drivers expense.  See how governing your truck just 2 mph slower can cost you up to $1800 a year.  Learn how your company makes money on you sitting at the dock while being detained.  After orientation, you sign a contract before you get in your truck and oh gosh, they forgot to tell you, if you leave within 90 days, you need to pay back or you owe them for the transportation to orientation, motel room, the cost of the physical exam, drug screen, sub sandwiches and more. Ever wonder the real reasons why they hold 1 -3 weeks of pay?  You can now learn what the Recruiters don't want you to know and use it against them.  "Everything You Need to Know BEFORE You Sign On With A Trucking Company" has it all. 

A little about me:  I've logged over 1,000,000 miles in semi's with straight 10, super 10, 13 speed and 18 speed transmissions, pulling flatbed, oversize, dry van, reefer and tanker. I've loaded steel coils in Chicago, bars in Buffalo, driven paper rolls across Canada and unloaded butter and sour cream at grocery warehouses. I've hand unloaded furniture in NY cities Little Jamaica, sat in the Port of Los Angeles waiting for US Customs to clear a load, driven escorted loads of Xboxes and transported mail for the U.S. Postal Services.  With a year in Iraq, I uploaded, downloaded and transported fuel to and from military bases "bag farms" while sometimes delivering ice to military outposts in the Iraq desert....well experienced, well qualified and professional.

More importantly, I know what I'm talking about.  I haven't done it all but pretty close.  I've been taken advantage of, lied to, cheated out of pay, cheated out of pay, detainment and promised I'd be home every weekend.   Sound familiar??  Spend a few dollars and let me help you learn from many of my, as well as, others mistakes.



This one is really low down and dirty. - It's really hard to get signed on with just about any trucking company if you have a DUI or DWI in your recent history.  However, if you have an "Abandoned Truck" in your history, it's 10 times worse.  When companies think you're going to quit (NEVER, never tell them ahead of time), they can purposely shut off your fuel card so you're forced to pay out of your pocket for enough fuel to get the truck back to the yard.  Or, worse yet, you have to leave it in a safe place.  If you don't drive it back, it's classified as an abandonment and makes life a living hell trying to get another driving job. With fuel costs over $4 a gallon, you definitely don't want to be in that position.  If your pulling a reefer load, can you be liable if the reefer units shuts down and the frozen shrimp spoil?  Can they take that out of your last paycheck that they "mail" to you?
How are miles determined?. You know if your drive 1,000 miles and get paid for 860 miles is out right cheating.  Many companies do it.  See how some drivers get around this planned form of stealing.
$5,000 sign on bonuses can take years to collect - Can you collect all within in reasonable time or does it take years to collect? like $250 every 6 months or something similar.  Want to know who has $5,000 sign on bonuses?
Can you get paid hourly rather than by the mile? - There are ways that you may be able to switch to hourly rather than by the mile.....  Ever spend half a day looking for a trailer or sitting at a dock?  See how to figure the difference.
Did you know drivers are actually going to prison for illegal logging? Learn how to avoid getting in these situations. Can you imagine 15 years of hard time for a few extra miles or a couple extra hours?

Most of us drive because we enjoy the freedom of the open road.  We don't need to sign on with companies that use and abuse us.  Get the fact today for a better driving tomorrow!

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